Raiders News · Football @ Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary

The Raiders lost a 42-37 decision to the Akron SVSM Irish 42-37. The Raiders took a 16-0 lead after one quarter on TD passes from Taylor to Artis (20 yards and 70 yards) Akron scored twice in the second to cut the lead to 16-14. The Raiders scored before the half on a TD pass from Taylor to Foster (38 yards). The Raiders were held scoreless in the third quarter and the Irish led 28 to 23 at the end of three. The remainder of the game had numerous touchdown exchanges between both teams (Taylor to Ivory for 85 yards) and Brown had a 9 yard rushing TD to close the score to 42-37. For all game stats click on the following link:


Warren G Harding – Box Score Report – 10_5_2019