Raiders News · Red Cross Learn to Swim Program Cancelled

The preceding is a letter sent from Red Cross Instructor Jay Rosenthal to our Pool Supervisor Steve Lukco regarding the stoppage of the Red Cross Learn to Swim program held at Warren Harding:



The Covid-19 pandemic has caused our lives to be greatly changed from what was “normal.” A few families obviously felt that it was safe to resume swim lessons for their child(ren) at this time.

We were hoping that there would be enough registered and that the overall conditions would be improved to continue with our program this fall.  Sadly, that does not appear to be the case.

During recent days with the tremendous local increase of positive Covid-19 tests, hospitalizations, and deaths, we feel that the risk may be too great for everyone that might be involved in spite of the precautions we planned to have in place.  We are therefore canceling the fall sessions which were to begin on November 18th & 19th.   If you were registered and have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Hopefully, things will get better, and we will again plan to continue. You will be receiving emails to update you on our plans. Your credits from 2020 spring will be able to be applied at a later time. Thank you for your support. Stay safe & well.

Jay Rosenthal

Volunteer | Greater Akron and the Mahoning Valley Red Cross

Instructor | Nations Best CPR

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