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Senior Spotlight: Alison Nolen

Alison attended McGuffey PK-8. She bowled for WGH and is a four year award winner. Her favorite food is pizza and she enjoys watching “The Big Bang Theory”. Her fondest school memory was going on the 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.¬† She entered an essay contest for the trip and ended up winning the

Spring Sports Spotlight: Robbie Jacubec

Robbie played catcher for the 2019 WGH baseball team and wore #18. He is a two year letter winner and was chosen the 2019 Most Improved Player. He also played football, participated in the Warren Student Communication Network and was on the Tic Tac Relay-for-Life team. He likes the Cleveland Indians, BBQ ribs and the

Spring Sports Spotlight: Reed Stanyard

Reed attended Lincoln PK-8. He played soccer, track and cross country at WGH. He enjoys watching ” The Office” and loves wedding soup. His favorite high school memory was winning a playoff game at Alliance HS and having assisting¬† his brother on the game’s winning goal!  

Spring Sports Spotlight: Cameron Knupp

Cameron attended Lincoln PK-8. He played both soccer and baseball at WGH. He enjoys tacos and enjoys watching “Friends”. Cameron’s favorite high school memory was winning a soccer playoff game in double overtime @ Alliance HS and the practices and bus rides with his teammates.      

Spring Sports Spotlight: Noah Murry

Noah attended Lincoln PK-8. He played 4 years of soccer, 3 years as the football kicker and 4 years of baseball at WGH. He enjoys eating BBQ wings and enjoys the TV show “Practical Jokers”. His favorite high school memory was kicking the game winning field goal against Boardman in double overtime!  

Spring Sports Spotlight: Ta’Teyana Bennett

Ta’Teyana attended the Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet Elementary School in Kansas. She ran track (4 years) and cheered (2 years) for WGH. Her favorite TV show is “The Office” and enjoys eating hot wings. Her favorite high memory was the WGH Senior Panoramic Day AND when she got to walk on the stage

Spring Sports Highlight: Brandon Arnold

Brandon attended Lincoln PK-8. He played football and baseball at WGH. His favorite food is chicken and he enjoys watching football games on TV. Brandon’s most memorable high school moment was, “finding out I will never take another class in the building again because of the Corona virus”.  

Spring Sports Spotlight: Cullen Faulk

Cullen attended the Lincoln PK-8 school. He played soccer, ran indoor and outdoor track, cross country and played freshman basketball. His favorite food is a meatball sub and he enjoys watching the TV series LOST. Cullen’s favorite high memories are listening to poetry presentations in Mr. Melillo’s class playing for the band in every football

Spring Sports Spotlight: Michelle Stanton

Michelle attended Lincoln PK-8 and has played soccer, tennis and softball for WGH.¬† Her favorite food is garlic noodles (yummy!). Michelle does not have a favorite TV show and her favorite high school memory was the senior soccer recognition.  

Spring Sports Highlight: Taylor Baughman

Taylor attend the Jefferson PK-8 and has played softball and golf for WGH. Taylor is a huge fan of chicken nuggets and enjoys watching The Gilmore Girls. Her fav high school memory was playing both golf and softball AND making new friends on her teams.